N.Y. FBI May Use Dogs To Find Mobster Bodies

The FBI has found one mobster’s body so far, but they’re taking a break from the dig to regroup. Is it time for the dogs?

William Cutolo: Only Body Found So Far/cbs
William Cutolo: Only Body Found So Far/cbs

By Robert Kessler
EAST FARMINGDALE, N.Y. — FBI agents are considering bringing in cadaver dogs, trained to find human remains, to help search for two of the three bodies that were supposed to be buried by mob hit men in a sprawling industrial park in East Farmingdale, according to sources familiar with the excavation.
After 12 days at the site, FBI agents using shovels and backhoes have so far found only the body of William Cutolo, a former underboss of the Colombo family.
An informant has told the FBI that the site was used as a mob burial ground since 1994 for the bodies of Cutolo; Carmine Gargano, a Pace University undergraduate whose relative had clashed with a Colombo associate; and Richard Greaves, a Colombo associate who was thought to have become an informant.

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