Report Says Fed Govt Cybersecurity Falling Behind

It’s been no secret that the federal government is behind in updating it’s cybersecurity. What kind of disaster is it going to take before the government puts it in fifth gear and catches up?


By Joe Davidson
Washington Post Federal Diary Columnist
WASHINGTON — Sometimes Uncle Sam acts even older than he looks.

When it comes to the quickly advancing world of cybersecurity, for example, Sam can be as modern as a floppy disk.

That was considered the high-tech way of storing data in 1988, the last time one of the government’s computer science job descriptions was updated, according to a new report. The description makes no mention of the World Wide Web, because, of course, that term had not yet been coined.

It’s time for Sam to get with the new world, and the report, released Wednesday by a nonprofit organization and a consultant, is pushing him to do just that. “Cyber In-Security” says the federal government is falling behind in the race to keep its computer operations safe because the workforce has too few well-trained cybersecurity experts.

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