Retired FBI Agent Paul Lindsay Has 7 Novels to His Name

Paul Lindsay was never a shy character in his days with the FBI.  And he created  controversy with his first book in 1992 while he was still an agent in Detroit.  He has since retired. He has 7 novels to his name. Not bad.

Book was written under the pseudonym Noah Boyd
Book was written under the pseudonym Noah Boyd

By Jim Sullivan
Boston Herald

It was 1986. FBI agent Paul Lindsay, fresh off a three-month job working on the infamous Green River serial killer case in Seattle, was back home in Detroit. He found himself bored, sitting on the couch, watching “The Smurfs” with his two kids.

“My brain was rotting,” Lindsay said from his home in Rye, N.H. “I had no other cultural interests.”

So he enrolled in an adult-education course. Math was his first choice, but Lindsay, who failed English in college, ended up in a creative writing class.

“The teacher asked us to write a three-page short story,” he said. “So I wrote this thing and she said, ‘With your background, life experience and the way you write, you can do this professionally.’ ”

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