Serious Threats against Federal Judges, Prosecutors Reaches Alarming Levels 

By Steve Neavling

Serious threats against U.S. federal judges and prosecutors have significantly increased over the past three years, according to data collected by the U.S. Marshals Service.

The federal agency tasked with protecting federal court facilities, judges, prosecutors and other court personnel has reported a dramatic rise in threats, citing political hostilities, Reuters reports

Serious threats against federal judges increased from 224 in fiscal year 2022 to 457 in fiscal 2023. Similar threats against federal prosecutors rose from 68 in 2021 to 155 in 2023. 

That period is marked by a particularly contentious time for courts, which have handled numerous highly politicized cases, including lawsuits filed by former President Trump and his supporters trying to overturn the 2020 election. During the same timeframe, Trump supporters have threatened election officials. 

Marshals Director Ronald Davis told Reuters that the agency has a “growing concern” about the increase in threats motivated by politics and hostility on social media. 

“The threat environment right now that is causing me concern is when people disagree with the judicial process or the government, and that turns into those verbal attacks,” Davis said. “And that is the beginning of the process that threatens the judiciary and threatens our democracy.”

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