Small Town Cook Does His Thing Under Watchful Eye of Secret Service

President edits remarks before delivering speech at Northern Mich. U/white house photo
By Allan Lengel

It’s not everyday that a small town cook has to cook under the watchful eye of the U.S. Secret Service.

But that’s exactly what happened to Shane Baker at Doncker’s Fudge in Marquette in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, according to the Detroit News.

Baker said President Obama, who delivered a speech Thursday to Northern Michigan Unviersity in Marquette, came into the shop for a bite to eat at the store’s lunch counter.

“Suddenly people were getting excited and when I came out from the kitchen I could see cameras and microphones everywhere,” Baker told the Detroit News. “And there was the president.”

“A Secret Service agent came back to the kitchen and told me that he had to watch me while I cooked,” Baker told the News.

The President ended up ordering a DJB, a sandwich Baker named after a friend who killed in an accident this summer, the News reported. By the way, the sandwich is a turkey club with three types of cheese and three types of bread.

“I’m a presidential chef now,” he laughed, according to the News. “It’ll be great to tell my son about it one day

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