Taiwanese Pair Held for Alleged Drug and Arms Smuggling

Shoshanna Utchenik

What first looks like a routine drug bust seems to have evolved into international arms smuggling charges.

The FBI is alleging that Taiwanese nationals Hui Sheng-shen, 45, and Huan Ling-chang, 41, known as “Charlie” and “Alice”, were trying to acquire military spy drones, E-2C Hawkeye surveillance airplanes and stealth technology relating to F-22 jets, on behalf of wealthy Chinese connections and possibly even the Chinese government. The Taipei Times reports that the couple has been held for the past two months awaiting trial, charged with selling 1kg of nearly pure crystal methamphetamine to undercover agents.

Newark U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman said the pair’s activities were revealed during an investigation into counterfeit Chinese goods.

“The charges against Shen and Chang illustrate starkly why we do this work and what is at stake when the security of our ports is breached for any reason, ” Fishman said in a statement. “National security isn’t an a la carte enterprise. The same conduits that bring knockoff sneakers flood our communities with illegal drugs and establish dangerous criminal relationships.”

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