The problem is that players under a certain threshold are

Viola and Henry were married April 15, 1942. They raised three children: Susan, James, and Charles, moving to Orange County in 1948, where the family grew up. Viola also worked as the secretary for the family cabinetry business with Hank. The problem is that players under a certain threshold are shown in stats as being obviously harmful to their teams when they play, and generally very bad. This is true, but you can fine poor Kendrick Perkins for being awful at basketball. That why the veteran minimum exists; at a certain point, GMs just say, Aw, shit, we just need a warm body.

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Meaning every day every day until the problem goes away, you are not going to be able to fix your problem ridding once a week. I wish I had better news for you. You should wait until you move and then send your horse to a professional to fix these problems.

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