Top House Republicans Ask DOJ to Investigate If Michael Cohen Committed Perjury 

By Steve Neavling

Two top House Republicans are urging the Justice Department to investigate whether Michael Cohen committed perjury when he testified before a congressional committee in 2019. 

In a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner and GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik point to Cohen saying under oath during the civil fraud trial of Donald Trump and his business last month that he lied when he spoke to the House Permanent Select Committee. 

When asked during his deposition if Trump directed him to inflate the former president’s finances, Cohen responded, “Not that I recall, no.”

But while testifying during the trial last month, Cohen said he had lied under oath to Congress. 

“This statement by Mr. Cohen raises significant questions about his testimony before the Committee,” Turner and Stefanik said in their letter.

But the letter fails to mention that Cohen later said during the trial that he had made a mistake when he said he lied to Congress, CNN points out

“I made a mistake,” Cohen told the court, adding that he stands by his original statement to Congress in 2019.

In a statement to CNN, Cohen said Turner and Stefanik are making insincere claims. 

“The two members fail to understand the distinction between explicit and implied; which is how the question was asked and accurately responded to. The topic was further clarified several questions thereafter; which is conveniently and intentionally being ignored. I am not concerned at all with their baseless request,” Cohen said. “This is the type of harassment everyone, especially critics, should expect if Donald becomes President again!”

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