What’s Next for FBI Dir. Robert Mueller III?

Atty. Gen. Holder (left) and FBI Director Mueller /fbi photo
By Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — As his 10-year term comes to an end, rumors and speculation are popping up as to what  FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III will do in life.

People who know Mueller say one thing is for certain: He won’t be getting a white belt and white shoes and heading down to Florida to play shuffle board, race to the early bird dinner specials and attend $1 movies.

They say Mueller, who will turn 67 in August, about a month before he steps down,  still wants to stay active professionally.

One rumor — and certainly unconfirmed — is that he has an interest in landing a federal judgeship in California.

One person speculated that he might also have an interest in becoming attorney general if Eric Holder Jr. were to step down after President Obama’s first term.  (Of course, Holder would almost have to if Obama isn’t re-elected).

Another person suggested that Mueller might be a good candidate to take over as baseball commissioner if Bud Selig steps down. Selig first started serving as acting baseball commissioner in 1992 and became the permanent commissioner in 1998.

One thought on “What’s Next for FBI Dir. Robert Mueller III?

  1. The sad part of Mr. Mueller leaving the FBI is that he has completely destroyed what was once a exemplary investigative agency. The FBI now have well over 2500 non producing SSA (managers) , while out in the field the true investigators have to do more with even less man power. Meanwhile Mr Mueller has surrounded himself with thousand of young inexperienced yes men that agree with any thing he says. Mr. Mueller self-righteous believe that investigations should be controlled and driven by the FBIHQ bureaucracy (him) while the truth is that FBIHQ should facilitate and assist the investigators in the field, not control cases. Mr Mueller’s legacy is that he has created ant agency that never disagrees with the status quo and is always politically correct. I hope the next director recognizes that the Bureau is so top heavy that he/she reduces SSA population back by thousands and let the agent do what they do best, “Investigate”. Mangers don’t investigate they just add to the Bureaucracy.

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