Woman Accused of Killing Pittsburgh FBI Agent Faces More Charges

FBI Agent Sam Hicks
FBI Agent Sam Hicks

Prosecutors are piling up charges against the woman accused of killing FBI agent Sam Hicks. Could there still be more?

By Torten Ove
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
PITTSBURGH — An Indiana Township woman charged with killing an FBI agent in November has been charged again in federal court with drug violations and firearms offenses.

Christina Korbe, 40, was already charged with shooting Agent Samuel Hicks on Nov. 19, when he and a team of agents and police officers arrived at her house to serve a warrant on her and her husband, Robert, as part of a drug investigation. In a nine-count superseding indictment filed today, federal prosecutors charged Mrs. Korbe with new drug and gun offenses.

Ms. Korbe is charged with conspiring with others to distribute cocaine from 1990 until the day she was arrested. She is also charged with possession of cocaine base and powder cocaine with intent to distribute on that day.

In addition, the indictment charges her with possession of a weapon during a drug crime and of “aiding and abetting” the possession of that gun by a convicted felon — her husband.

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