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How to Become a Bounty Hunter

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Weekend Series on Crime: Nixon Talks About Blacks and Jews As Spies Including the Rosenbergs

FBI Director James Comey Wonders if Data Backs Narrative of ‘Biased Police’ Killing Blacks at DIsproportionate Rates

Director James Comey in San Diego

Director James Comey in San Diego

By Allan Lengel

SAN DIEGO — In these troubling times for police, FBI Director James Comey addressed thousands of law enforcement officials on Sunday, saying a lack of accurate data raises questions about the pervasive narrative that “biased police are killing black men at epidemic rates.”

“It is a narrative driven by video images of real and gut-wrenching misconduct, by images of possible misconduct, by images of perceived misconduct,” Comey told the crowd at the International Association of Chiefs of Police conference at the San Diego Convention Center. “It’s a narrative given force by the awesome power of human empathy.”

Comey said Americans “have no idea if the number of black people or brown people or white people being shot by police is up, down or sideways over the last three years, five years, 10 years.”

He went on to say:

“We need to collect actual, accurate and complete information about policing in this country so that we have informed debates about things that matter enormously.”

He said leaders in law enforcement need to ask questions and understand the community and officers.

“I have heard from you that this is a uniquely difficult time in law enforcement,” he said.

To see the complete speech, click the video below.  To read the complete text click here.

FBI Says Man Threatened to Kill Jews and Blacks

By Danny Fenster

Abraham Foxman, the leader of the Anti-Defamation League leader, may have been targeted by a white supremacist planning to kill Jews and blacks, the FBI said, according to the Jewish news website JTA.

Danny Lee Warner, 33, told his wife about the plan before being arrested on Dec. 28 outside of an Arizona McDonald’s, according to the website. Warner’s wife had received a letter postmarked Dec. 19 from Warner saying he planned to kill “niggers and Jews” until the government “stopped him,” the report says.

His wife and his internet browser indicated  he may have possibly been planning a trip to New York to target  the ADL’s Foxman,  police say. Warner had also been a leader of the white supremacist group the Silent Aryan Warriors during a 10-year stint in the Utan prison system, law enforcement officials said.

To read more click here.


FBI Tracked Civil Rights Lawsuits Against Legendary Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant

Bear Bryant

Bear Bryant

By Allan Lengel

The FBI kept tabs on civil rights lawsuits filed by blacks 40 years ago against legendary coach Paul “Bear” Bryant of the University of Alabama’s  Crimson Tide, the Associated Press reported.

The AP, which obtained FBI documents under the Freedom of Information Act,  reported that for nearly two years agent tracked suits by blacks who were trying to force Bryant to recruit African Americans.

The AP reported that it was unclear why the FBI followed the case, but suggested the agency under Hoover was interested in civil rights infractions.

Bryant died in 1983 at age 69.