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How to Become a Bounty Hunter

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FBI Billboards in Connecticut Urge Motorists to ‘Report Corruption Now!’

By Steve Neavling

Billboards have helped the FBI capture bank robbers, rapists and murderers.

So why not corrupt politicians?

The reports that the FBI has posted billboards in scandal-plagued cities in Connecticut, like Bridgeport, Waterbury and Hartford, to encourage residents to “Report corruption now!”

The FBI said the billboards were posted because advertising company Lamar provided them at no cost.

“The billboards are run as space is available in the company’s pre-sold rotation,” FBI spokesman Marybeth Miklos said.

Miklos added that the locations of the billboards were decided by the company.

“There really was no methodology to the sites,” Miklos said. “We asked for any space available and those were the (billboards) given to us.”


Atty. Gen. Holder Says Slain Dep. Marshal Hotsinpiller Inspired

Atty. Gen. Eric Holder

By Allan Lengel

Before a massive crowd at the Simpson Baptist Church in Bridgeport, W. Va., Attorney Gen. Eric Holder Jr. on Monday offered condolences at the funeral of slain Deputy U.S. Marshal Derek Hotsinpiller.

“At just 24-years-old, Derek had become an important part of the Marshals Service team – and a proud member of what he called “the nation’s greatest law enforcement agency,” Holder said, according the text of his speech.

“And though we grieve for all that Derek could have – and surely would have – become, there is much to celebrate in the life that he lived, in the example that he set, and in the inspiration that he will continue to provide us.

“Derek’s career, like his entire life, was distinguished by a passion for serving others; for helping people in need; and for using his intellectual and athletic gifts to protect the most vulnerable among us.”

“As a teenager at Bridgeport High School, Derek was already dreaming of a career in law enforcement and of a life spent using his talents to assist and empower others.”

“Like his father, Lieutenant Jim Hotsinpiller, who for three decades was a proud member of the Bridgeport Police Department; and like his brother, Detective Dustin Hotsinpiller – Derek set his sights on serving others and improving the community that he loved.”

Thousands showed up for the funeral, and hundreds of law enforcement officers from around the country watched the service on closed circuit TV at a local high school, according to the State Journal newspaper. Others watched the service at local teachers.

Hotsinpiller was shot and killed by a man who was wanted on drug charges. He and two other deputy Marshals had gone to the house to serve a warrant.  The other two deputies were shot and wounded and the suspect was shot dead.