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Second Shooting Spree at Fort Hood Raises Question: Should Military Leaders Carry Guns at Bases?

Ford Hood Darnall HospitalSteve Neavling

After two deadly shooting rampages at Ford Hood in Texas, some congressional members said military leaders should be permitted to carry firearms on the base, the New York Post reports.

Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mike McCaul called it “a common sense idea.”

“That would be a deterrent, No. 1 — and No. 2, a way to have a quick response to any shooter that comes on these bases,” McCaul said on “Fox News Sunday.”

But both the White House and Pentagon are opposed to changing bans on service members carrying personal firearms on bases.





FBI Director Mueller to Visit Colorado and Talk to Agents Investigating Shooting Case

Robert Mueller III/ photo

By Allan Lengel

The big guy, FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III is set to come to Colorado Tuesday, the Denver Post reported.

The paper reports that his mission, at least in part, will be to talk to agents working on the mass shooting at the Batman movie in Aurora and thank them for their work.



Suspected White House Shooter Thought Obama Was the Antichrist

By Allan Lengel

It may not have been the brightest of assassination plots considering President Obama wasn’t even in town when Oscar Ramiro Oretego-Hernandez allegedly fired at the White House.

Nonetheless, authorities believe the intent to kill Obama was there. He’s been charged with attempting to assassinate the president.

CBS News reports that a witnesses told the FBI he had become increasingly angry with the government and Obama, who he considered the antichrist who needed to be killed.

The FBI found a semi-automatic assault rifle in his car along with three loaded magazines, nine spent shells, several extra boxes of cartridges, an aluminum baseball bat, brass knuckles and a sales receipt for purchases made at a WalMart in Fairfax, Va. just four and a half hours before the shooting, CBS News reported.

Authorities confirmed several gun shots on the south side of the White House, CBS reported.

Read criminal complaint


Feds Charge White House Shooter With Attempted Assassination of President

By Allan Lengel

It wasn’t a classic assassination attempt.

Nonetheless, CNN reported Thursday that fed prosecutors charged an Idaho man accused of shooting at the White House with attempting to assassinate President Obama. The president was not at the White House at the time.

He is suspected of being responsible for two bullets found at the White House. One hit a bulletproof glass window.