Atty. Gen. Eric Holder Announces New Initiative to Address Law Enforcement Safety

Holder delivers speech in Orlando/ photo By Allan Lengel ORLANDO — Concerned about the rising tide of law enforcement deaths on duty, Atty. General Eric Holder Jr. announced Tuesday a new  Justice Department initiative called “VALOR” to address law enforcement safety. Speaking before a crowd of federal, state and local law enforcement  at the…

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Judge Jack Camp/daily report

Fed Judges Gone Wild

By Zack Cohen WASHINGTON — Federal judges are considered among the elite in the judiciary world, appointed by the president for a lifetime, regarded as being beyond reproach. But in recent times there has been a crack in the almost king-like facade. One judge, G. Thomas Porteous of New Orleans, was just convicted in…

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Strong Gun Lobby Hurts ATF’s Efforts to Regulate Gun Ownership, Washington Post Reports

By Allan Lengel ATF is operating on a short leash, hamstrung by limited resources to regulate gun ownership, much in part due to the strong gun lobbying efforts, the Washington Post reports. “Concerns about government regulation of gun ownership have limited the resources available to the ATF, led to strict regulatory restrictions and left…

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