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How to Become a Bounty Hunter

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Clinton Campaign Declined FBI Help After Hacking Was Suspected

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

By Steve Neavling

The FBI first warned Hillary Clinton’s campaign last year that its networks likely were hacked, but the campaign wouldn’t give federal investigators access to the internal data.

A Clinton aide said the FBI did not reveal that Russian intelligence agencies were suspected of being behind the hack attempt, NBC News reports. But the aide said that the campaign was aware of hacking attempts and was taking steps to make the networks more secure.

Shortly after, the Democratic National Committee hired Crowdstrike to investigate a potential breach. The cyber security firm determined that two Russian intelligence agencies were responsible for hacking into the DNC.

FBI Investigating Russian Connections to Embarassing DNC Hack

democratic national comitteeBy Steve Neavling

Authorities said there’s growing evidence that hackers in Russia targeted the Democratic National Committee, but the FBI isn’t ready to point fingers.

CNN reports that the hacker, who used the name “Guccifer 2.0,” appears to have used the Russian computer service Elite VPN.

But that doesn’t mean the hack came from Russia or that there’s a connection to the Russian government.

The Democratic Party hired a cybersecurity firm, CrowdStrike, to investigate the hack. The firm said there “may” be a connection to Russia’s massive intelligence agency, the GRU.

But so far, the evidence is circumstantial.

FBI Still Unable Find Anything Useful on Hacked San Bernardino iPhone

Apple-iphoneBy Steve Neavling

Investigators have been unable to find anything useful after unlocking the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino terrorists, a law enforcement official told CBS News.

The FBI spent months trying to bypass a security feature. But after gaining access to the phone, investigators still haven’t found anything valuable.

The FBI enrolled the help of professional hackers to open the phone but has declined to say what method was used.

Investigators continue to analyze the phone in hopes of finding useful information.

Independent: How FBI’s iPhone Hack ‘Made Us All Vulnerable’

Apple logoBy Gus Hosien
The Independent

Since the horrific Brussels and Istanbul attacks we’ve all looked at our daily lives and saw vulnerability and risk. Where else could terrorists attack?

We begin to formulate security responses. CCTV, communication, surveillance, identity cards – they aren’t panning out. Perhaps we need to take things to the next level? How about we build an uber anti-terrorism system that grinds all our data together and identifies the people who wish to do us harm?

That uber-system has been built: it’s your smart phone. Health information? Apple Watch and other fitness trackers record your heart rate throughout the day. Financial information? Apple Pay and Google Wallet process your purchases. Locations? Your phone has recorded them all. Biometrics? You probably recorded your fingerprint, along with enough selfies too.

The FBI claimed that the iPhone, along with all of this information was impregnable. It decided to take Apple to court in order to access the phone – owned by the employers of Syed Rizwan Farook – one of the perpetrators of the San Bernardino terrorist attack in December.

This was a great PR coup for Apple. Apple’s systems were perceived as out of reach to the most powerful technology force in the history of humanity: the US Government’s intelligence and law enforcement community. However someone found vulnerability in Apple’s old mobile phone operating system, iOS8, and the agency has now admitted that it has accessed the device. The FBI has announced that it will not inform the tech firm how it breached the phone’s security features leaving millions of devices compromised.

To read more click here. 

Secret Service Investigates ‘Anonymous’ Claims of Releasing Personal Information about Donald Trump

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 8.04.25 AMBy Steve Neavling

The Secret Service is investigating hacker activist movement Anonymous after it claimed to uncover personal information about Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, Time reports.

“The U.S. Secret Service is aware of the Internet postings of Candidate Donald Trump’s personal information,” a spokesperson for the Secret Service confirmed to Time. “We are working with the Federal Bureau of Investigation in this matter.”

An Anonymous member posted a YouTube video that compared Trump to Adolf Hitler and then said the movement released Trump’s Social Security number, cell phone number and other personal information.

It wasn’t immediately clear whether the information was correct.

FBI Hacked More Than 1,000 Computers to Go After Online Child Pornography

Data securityBy Steve Neavling

The FBI arrested two men on charges of online child pornography after agents were able to hack into their computers to identify their true IP addresses that were hidden by Tor, reports.

The FBI hacked thousands of computers as part of a “bulk hacking campaign” to fight child pornography.

“In order to fight what it has called one of the largest child pornography sites on the dark web, the FBI hacked over a thousand computers,” Motherboard detailed.

The ACLU called the news “simply unprecedented.”

The FBI said some of the sites “contained some of the most extreme child abuse imagery one could imagine, and others included advice on how sexual abusers could avoid detection online.”

The site was “the largest remaining known child pornography hidden service in the world,” the FBI said.

“Fifteen-hundred or so of these cases are going to end up getting filed out of the same, underlying investigation,” Colin Fieman, a federal public defender involved in several related cases, told Motherboard in a phone interview.

“There will probably be an escalating stream of these [cases] in the next six months or so,” Fieman added. “There is going to be a lot in the pipeline.”

Mexican Drug Traffickers Are Hacking Border Patrol Drones to Trick Agents

By Steve Neavling

Drug traffickers are hacking Border Patrol drones along the U.S.-Mexico border to confuse federal investigators, reports. 

Drones used by law enforcement are not as expensive and hack-proof like the ones flown by the U.S. military.

As explains it, “standard drone modules need to be deleted including the one that ensures the security of the drone in the case of GPS spoofing.”

What happens is, attackers send fake GPS data to receivers on the drone, making it difficult to track would-be traffickers.

Due to fake coordinates, federal agents are tricked into believing the drone is over one area when in fact it’s over an entirely different area.

DEA, FBI Accused of Long Relationship with Controversial Italian Firm for Surveillance

Data securityBy Steve Neavling

An Italian company with suspected ties to repressive regimes has been selling surveillance and spyware to the FBI and DEA, The Hill reports. 

The discovery comes after the firm, Hacking Team, was hacked. The hacker revealed company documents that suggest countries the company does business with countries like Sudan.

Among the discoveries was a multi-year relationship with the FBI and DEA.

“The more I read, the more I think the term ‘merchants of death’ accurately applies to @HackingTeam,” tweeted Christopher Soghoian, principal technologist for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

The company also has been accused of selling its surveillance to help governments monitor and surprises journalists and political opponents.