Bush Admin. Prepared for Harsh Interrogation Tactics Before Being Granted Legal Ok

There’s no turning back at this point. While President Obama wanted to brush this aside and move on, the demand for a full-scale investigation of torture seems to be winning out. Expect lots of scandal, but it seems it will be tough to ever file criminal charges against any Bush officials, let alone get a conviction.white-house

By Joby Warrick and Peter Finn
Washington Post Staff Writers
WASHINGTON — Intelligence and military officials under the Bush administration began preparing to conduct harsh interrogations long before they were granted legal approval to use such methods — and weeks before the CIA captured its first high-ranking terrorism suspect, Senate investigators have concluded.

Previously secret memos and interviews show CIA and Pentagon officials exploring ways to break Taliban and al-Qaeda detainees in early 2002, up to eight months before Justice Department lawyers approved the use of waterboarding and nine other harsh methods, investigators found.

The findings are contained in a Senate Armed Services Committee report scheduled for release today that also documents multiple warnings — from legal and trained interrogation experts — that the techniques could backfire and might violate U.S. and international law.

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    If they did not or if anyone did not prepare for an action prior they would be remiss. With or without permission , you prepare.

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