2 Jurors Dismissed in Gotti Trial; His Mother Yells “They’re Railroading You”

John Gotti Jr./trutv.com
John Gotti Jr./trutv.com
By Allan Lengel
As expected, the New York racketeering trial of mobster John Gotti Jr. has been flush with drama.

On Wednesday, after the judge dismissed two jurors who weren’t getting along, Gotti’s mother loudly voiced her opinion from the gallery, not far from where her son sat.

“They’re railroading you!” Victoria Gotti shouted, according to the Associated Press. “They’re doing to you what they did to your father.”

Meanwhile, Gotti’s attorneys on Wednesday won a victory when the judge ruled that the jury can hear evidence¬† contained in an FBI report that a top mobster approved killing Gotti after he said he had quit the mob.¬† The paper reported that the evidence could bolster Gotti’s claim that he quit the mob in 1999.

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