2 Militia Men Accused of Shooting at FBI Agents, Conspiring to Kill Border Patrol Agents And Migrants

By Steve Neavling

A federal grand jury on Wednesday indicted two members of the 2nd American Militia who allegedly conspired to “start a war” with the U.S. Border Patrol and murder the agency’s officers, which ended in a shootout with FBI agents. 

Bryan C. Perry, 37, of Tennessee, and Jonathan S. O’Dell, 33, of Missouri, were charged with 44 counts, including conspiracy to murder officers of the U.S. government and attempted murder of FBI agents.  

They also are accused of traveling to Texas to shoot at undocumented immigrants crossing into the U.S. They planned to kill any Border Patrol agents who tried to stop them, and they would use the agents’ gear and supplies in the attack, according to the indictment

Between the spring and fall of 2022, the duo attempted to recruit others to join their militia group. 

Perry moved to Warsaw, Mo., to live with O’Dell at his home, which they allegedly used as a staging site to prepare for their trip to the border. 

Perry posted several videos on TikTok in which he threatened “to go to war against the government” and “shoot to kill” migrants. 

In October, the men had amassed six firearms, 23 magazines of ammunition, 1,770 rounds of various other ammunition, two sets of body armor, a handheld radio, two sniper rests, two gas masks, ballistic helmets, and explosive material, according to the indictment. 

When FBI agents attempted to execute a search warrant on Oct. 7, Perry allegedly fired 11 shots at the agents from a rifle. 

The agents didn’t return fire and eventually convinced the men to surrender. 

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