FBI Bashes Media for Inaccurate Reporting on Boston Marathon Explosions

Steve Neavling ticklethewire.com The FBI excoriated members of the media after false reports began circulating that an arrest was made in the Boston Marathon bombings, the New York Times reports. Agents said the city faulty reporting could lead to “unintended consequences” for the massive investigation. Several news organizations, including the Associated Press, Fox News, CNN…

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Republicans Bash Justice Department for Perceived Racism in Civil Rights Division

Steve Neavling ticklethewire.com Republican lawmakers lashed out at the Justice Department with accusations of racism and preferential treatment in the civil rights division, the Houston Chronicle reports. At a Judiciary Committee hearing Tuesday, former employees and a March Inspector General’s report were used to suggest the division was guided by race, not justice. “The IG report…

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Homeland Security Warned About Potential for Pressure Cooker Attacks

Steve Neavling ticklethewire.com  The Department of Homeland Security in 2010 warned about terrorists using pressure cookers in bombings in Afghanistan, India, Nepal and Pakistan, Fast Company reports. Surgeons who worked on the victims found large pellets, small BBs and headless nails that were stuffed in six-liter pressure cookers. The department sent letters to law enforcement…

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