Republicans Bash Justice Department for Perceived Racism in Civil Rights Division

courtSteve Neavling

Republican lawmakers lashed out at the Justice Department with accusations of racism and preferential treatment in the civil rights division, the Houston Chronicle reports.

At a Judiciary Committee hearing Tuesday, former employees and a March Inspector General’s report were used to suggest the division was guided by race, not justice.

“The IG report is a sad commentary on a dysfunctional division torn by polarization and unprofessional behavior where career employees who do not toe liberal views are subjected to racist comments, harassment, bullying, and threat of physical violence,” Hans Von Spakovsky, a conservative legal scholar and former official in the civil rights division during George W. Bush’s administration, told the committee.

The IG, however, did not agree with Spakovsky’s interpretation of the report, saying there was “insufficient evidence” of discrimination, the Chronicle reported.

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