Retired FBI Agent Frank Scafidi Running as Write-In Candidate for Sacramento Co. Sheriff

scafidiBy Allan Lengel

Frank Scafidi, a popular figure in the FBI who was known for his keen sense of humor, is running a write-in campaign for Sacramento County Sheriff.

The Sacramento Bee is reporting that Scafidi, 58, who is retired from the FBI, has a campaign staff  made up of his family and a $600 war chest. He is running against three other people on the ballot.

“I’m under no illusions,” Scafidi told the Bee. “As a write-in candidate, it’s a nearly impossible task because no one knows me.”

“I have watched the campaign for sheriff with equal parts of disappointment, surprise, shock and sadness,” Scafidi said in a statement on his website. “The voters are being asked to select the next top law enforcement official in the county. You would think that candidates for sheriff would personify all of the ideals that their badge represents. You would think that instead of resorting to the lesser of three evils voters would lament that only one can win. You would think.

“But this race has delivered three candidates who have given the voters nothing to feel good about.”

Scafidi worked as an agent in Oklahoma, Washington, D.C. and Sacramento before retiring in 2004.

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