7 CBP Officers Charged in Alleged Grand Larceny Scheme

CBP officer (Photo: CBP via Twitter)

By Steve Neavling

Seven current and former CBP officers were charged Tuesday for their alleged roles in a grand larceny scheme. 

The officers, who are executive board members of National Treasury Employees Union Chapter 138 in Chamblain, are accused of stealing thousands of dollars from their government jobs and union posts, Syracuse.com reports

Of those charged, three are current officers, and four are former officers, according to state police. 

The seven charged are:

  • Thomas O’Keefe – Grand larceny 3rd (Felony)
  • Joseph McVey – Grand larceny 4th (Felony)
  • Jamie Goheens – Grand Larceny 3rd (Felony)
  • Roy Arndt – Grand larceny 4th (Felony)
  • Michael Lacey – Grand larceny 4th (Felony)
  • Craig Mothersell – Grand larceny 3rd (Felony)
  • David Murtagh – Petit larceny (Misdemeanor)

Fourth-degree larceny includes theft of property that has a value of $1,000 to $3,000. Third-degree larceny is theft of property with a value between $3,000 and $5,000. 

The Clinton County District Attorney’s Office is handling the case. 

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