A Ponzi Scheme and a Little Humor

good humorBy Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — Federal law enforcement is serious business. But once in a while a little federal type humor surfaces in places you might least expect.

Good friend and former Washington Post colleague Cindy Loose, who lives in the Washington area,  passed on this true story to me the other day. I thought it was worth sharing.

She wrote: “Last night I attended an awards ceremony—David Rubinstein of the Carlyle group giving $100,000 in scholarship writing awards.”

“Standing in group, one woman says, ‘This girls, is how you network. You network to find jobs, even investors.’

“So I say to a guy across from me, ‘By the way, would you like to invest in my project? It’s a Ponzi scheme but I can get you in at the beginning.’

“He answered: ‘I usually come in at the end. I’m a federal prosecutor’.'”

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