Agencies Like FBI, DEA, ICE Increasingly Asking For Facebook Info

By Allan Lengel

High school buddies and colleagues aren’t the only ones who seem to have an interest in Facebook.

Reuters reports that U.S. law enforcement agencies are increasingly obtaining warrants to search Facebook, and usually the users doesn’t know.

A Reuters review of the Westlaw legal database shows that since 2008, federal judges have authorized at least two dozen warrants to search individuals’ Facebook accounts for agencies including the FBI, DEA and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Reuters reported that “many of the warrants requested a laundry list of personal data such as messages, status updates, links to videos and photographs, calendars of future and past events, ‘Wall postings’ and ‘rejected Friend requests.'”

Reuters said the search warrants often ask for detailed packages of profiles and photos not even available to the user.


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