Anthrax Case Is Up in Ashes

Bruce Ivins, the scientist authorities say was responsible for the 2001 anthrax attacks, wanted to make sure his body was creamated and and scattered about. So he went to extraordinary steps to make sure it happened. 

By Scott Shane
The New York Times
FREDERICK, Md. – Six weeks after Bruce E. Ivins killed himself, the cremated remains of Mr. Ivins, the Army scientist and anthrax suspect, are stored at a funeral home here, awaiting the outcome of an unusual probate court proceeding.
In a will he wrote last year, a few months before the Federal Bureau of Investigation focused the anthrax letters investigation on him, Dr. Ivins wrote of his wish to be cremated and have his ashes scattered. But fearing that his wife, Diane, and their two children might not honor the request, he came up with a novel way to enforce his demand: threatening to make a bequest to an organization he knew his wife opposed, Planned Parenthood.
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