Armed Men Impersonating DEA Agents Kicked Open Door of Honolulu Home, Terrifying the Occupant

Real DEA badge

By Steve Neavling

Three armed men wearing ski masks falsely claimed they were DEA agents and kicked open the door of a Honolulu home, a terrified occupant explained. 

“I ran into the living room where three guys were at the door waving guns claiming they were from the DEA,” the victim told KHON-2

The encounter happened around 8 p.m. Sunday. The house belonged to the victim’s friend, who was not home at the time.

“After about three or four kicks, they were decent sized guys, it just exploded inwards and they just walked right over top of it,” the victim said.

They demanded access to the safe, but the occupant didn’t know the combination. 

“They said, give me the combination in three seconds or you’re gone, and I was like I don’t know it.”

After pleading for his life, the suspects fled with the victim’s phone and wallet. 

The DEA said its agents don’t bust into homes with ski masks and jackets on.

“We’ll use patrol cars when we can to identify ourselves, and we make the markings clear that say DEA and police. We announce ourselves as DEA. If someone is suspicious, we can provide a second form of identification when it’s a safe point to do so,” Megan Fila, DEA group supervisor, explained.

Police are still looking for the thieves. 

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