ATF Agent Injured in 3-Story Fall During Law Enforcement Action

By Steve Neavling

An undercover ATF agent was injured Wednesday after falling from a third-story landing when suspects tried to rob him during a law enforcement action in Louisiana. 

“During the investigation, the suspects attempted an armed robbery of our undercover agent,” Joshua Jackson, special agent in charge of the ATF New Orleans Field Division, told NOLA. “Our other investigators responded to rescue our agent and we took several people in custody. Also during the action, our ATF agent fell from a third-story landing and is injured.” 

The extent of the agent’s injuries was not immediately clear, but the agent was taken to University Medical Hospital 

ATF agents were conducting an undisclosed investigation in Algiers near the Jackson Landing Apartments. 

“We have ushered additional resources to follow-up on the investigation related to the assault of our ATF agent,” said Jackson, referring to the assistance provided by the New Orleans Police Department, Louisiana State Police, U.S. Marshal Service and FBI.

Jackson added that the ATF hopes to identify all of the suspects so they will be held accountable. 

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