ATF Agent Jay Dobyns Who Went Undercover With Hells Angels To Get Day in Court Against the Bosses

By Allan Lengel

Jay Dobyns, who has become a controversial agent at ATF, is finally getting his day in court.

Trial begins in the U.S. Court of Federal on Monday addressing claims in his lawsuit of  breach of contract.

Dobyns claims the agency failed to abide by a 2007 written contract to protect him and his wife and two children against death threats from the Hells Angels. He worked undercover, posing as a Hells Angels, which didn’t go over too big when the gang found out.

The suit, which will be heard in U.S. Court of Federal Claims, also says the agency failed to stop subjecting him to a hostile work environment for complaining about his safety.

Dobyns posted this on his blog:

Beginning on Monday, June 10, 2013, at 10:00 a.m., my nine-year war becomes official in a United States Courthouse. It has been a long, hard, brutal and bloody fight to get to the point where the truth can be told. The trial will start in Arizona and end in Washington, D.C. in early August.

I have never strayed from my respect and admiration for every ATF agent or supervisor who places themselves in the path of danger or makes the tough, real-time decisions on how we attack violent criminals.

My disgust is with those who are corrupted by the power of their titles and then use their influence to damage my ATF and hurt those who try to do it right.

Some very authoritative people in our government have done everything within their power to paint me as a greedy, ungrateful, malcontent. Decide for yourself how you feel about me but know that any public or private opinion I have expressed has always, and only, been critical of corruption in the White House, DOJ and ATF – not against my peers who do a job that no one else wants.

I do not enjoy the position I am in. In a time when it is very easy to hate ATF, I love ATF, always have. Those who think that all of ATF is dirty are entitled to their opinions but I will never fully agree and will openly defend my position. In our purest sense we don’t go after guns. We go after violent criminals who use guns, bombs, and arson to commit crimes like murder, rape, drug dealing, home invasion, murder-for-hire and intimidation.

On Monday I intend begin proving in a court of law what has been known from both inside and out at ATF, DOJ and the Administration for a very long time – that ATF ignored facts, evidence and the official conclusions of investigators and tried real hard to frame me as a murderer and arsonist. In my case ATF became the opposite of what America expects, demands and is due from a law enforcement agency.


From 2004 to 2008 I was subjected to years of death and violence threats from criminals and crime organizations that I worked undercover on trying to expose and prosecute on behalf of the American people.

In return for having murder contracts issued and threats against my family, ATF removed every mechanism I had to protect myself, told me I was on my own and left me there to defend us against several international crime syndicates the criminals who thrive in them.

At a time when I needed ATF’s support, I was abandoned and ganged up on. I had been nothing but a true believer and aggressive towards my service of justice. I am sure this will fuel the “haters” mantra that I’ve “got what he’s got coming”. I get that and understand the hatred some hold for me over the way I’ve pursued my law enforcement career; because I’ve put a whole lot of violent predators behind bars. I did my best to handle America’s business.

I blew the whistle on corruption; the Office of Special Counsel told the President exactly that about me. Chairman Issa did the same to Eric Holder. I did it again related to this lawsuit; my line in the sand had been crossed. I did it for me and my family but I also did so that no law enforcement officer would ever have to endure what I had to. If you tell the truth at ATF and DOJ and if the truth is not flattering of those in power you will pay a very heavy price.

In August 2008 my home was destroyed by an arsonist with my family narrowly escaping.

ATF’s response to that event was to not respond and pass the buck of responsibility around like a hot potato. I guess I should have held my tongue on national television when I offered my opinion that the White House and DOJ were neck deep in Fast and Furious. Payback on me is being received in the form of DOJ’s defense of crimes and criminals.

June 10 begins the process of accountability.

The last nine years have changed my DNA. These events and the treatment I’ve received have train-wrecked every element of my life. The false allegations have damaged my friendships, caused my peers to question my integrity and brought what was, and is, my family to our collective knees. It has caused the American people to question my commitment to them. Me and my family are forever changed and injured and all we can hope to find is a “new normal”. My health has been sacrificed under the stress of simply seeking righteous treatment and answers. The federal government has caused me to experience something I never had dealt with at any previous point in my life – self doubt.

Win or lose this trial, succeed or fail in my attempt at justice, I will have persevered against government corruption and restored my view of myself. The government will know that they messed with the wrong Cat on this. I did not and will not roll over like so many have been forced to do before me. As hard as they tried to break my spirit, it has survived. I will be able to look in the mirror and know I called them out to their faces. That is a victory in itself. I never quit.

If you read this and have the time and concern, when you hit your knees, say a little prayer. Not for my victory but rather that the truth is allowed to be heard and exposed and that justice will prevail.

Whatever comes out of the courtroom I will accept. I will be thankful for the experiences having made me stronger. And, I will know that I have been blessed to find friends from all walks of life who have supported me and respect my pledge. All I ever wanted was to fight back against the things we all know are wrong. I am flawed and far from perfect but I took an oath as a federal agent and I will honor it to the end. I have always been willing to stand up to the Bully regardless of the personal consequences.

Thank you.




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