Atty. Gen. Holder Announces that Immigration Agents Will Have More Powers to Fight Violent Drug Cartels

It’s good to respect the autonomy of different law enforcement agencies. But it doesn’t make sense to restrict an agency like ICE from getting more involved in battling drug violence in places like the Mexican border. This move makes sense. What took so long?


Associated Press Writers
WASHINGTON – More federal agents will be able to investigate drug cases under a new agreement between government agencies battling Mexican cartels, Attorney General Eric Holder told Congress on Wednesday.

Under a new deal aimed at settling a long-running turf dispute with the Drug Enforcement Administration, more agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement would get authority to investigate drug cases.

The new agreement is a victory for ICE, which has long chafed at restrictions on how and when it conducts drug investigations.

It also shows the Obama administration’s willingness to change long-established law enforcement procedures to aid the fight against the powerful and violent drug cartels operating within Mexico.

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