Back Off New Jersey: Illinois Still Pretty Corrupt and Has 2nd Most FBI Agents Assigned to Corruption

There’s some badge of pride for being the most corrupt state. Illinois doesn’t want to conceded defeat to New Jersey or any other state for that matter. With 42 Illinois FBI agents assigned to public corruption, only D.C. has more, the Sun-Times points out.


Chicago Sun-Times
CHICAGO — Hey, back off, New Jersey.

Just as Illinois basks in the shameful glow of its most-corrupt reputation, the Garden State wants to one-up us.

Sure, we’ve had two consecutive governors, an army of alderman and a posse of political fund-raisers under indictment — not to mention two current members of Congress facing ethics inquiries.

But in New Jersey last week, 44 people, including three mayors, two state lawmakers and a slew of rabbis were rounded up in a corruption scheme replete with allegations of organ sales, $97,000 stuffed into a cereal box and plenty of good, old-fashioned bribes.

There were so many arrestees, the FBI had to herd them onto a bus.

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