Bolivia Suspends DEA Operations After Accusing Agency Of Spying

Bolivia’s ties with the U.S. continue to weaken with this latest development. The DEA isn’t getting a lot of invites to dinner in certain South American countries these days.

President Evo Morales/official photo
President Evo Morales/official photo
By Patrick J. McDonnell
Los Angeles Times
BUENOS AIRES — Bolivian President Evo Morales suspended operations by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration on Saturday after accusing the agency of aiding “criminal groups” that oppose his rule.
Morales’ move was the latest sign of the deterioration in relations between his leftist government and Washington.
“There were DEA agents who worked to conduct political espionage and to fund criminal groups so they could launch attacks on the lives of authorities, if not the president,” Morales told reporters during a visit to the Chapare region, a major production zone for coca plants, from which cocaine is extracted. “We are obligated to defend Bolivian sovereignty.”
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