Border Patrol Agent Boosts Morale with New Mural at Agency’s Presidio Station

Border Patrol Agent Janenne Ellis in front of a new mural at the Presidio Border Patrol Station. Photo: CBP.

By Steve Neavling

It’s so hot in Presidio, Texas, that most buildings are light tan or brown to keep the heat down.  

At the Presidio Border Patrol Station, a new building was brought in, with its tan exterior facing the main entrance gate. 

For Border Patrol Agent Janenne Ellis, the broad side of the building was a perfect “blank canvas” that could boost morale. 

“That is what you see when you come in the gate here,” Ellis, an Army veteran, said. “The side of a blank wall. When they were putting it up, I was thinking that would be so cool if we had a mural here.”

And so began a project to paint a large mural incorporating symbols and silhouettes representing the region and Border Patrol across the length of the building. Featured in the mural are horse patrols, ATVs, an unmanned aerial system, and Texas itself. 

Ellis, the only female agent at the Presidio Station, was joined by her husband and other volunteers, including coworkers and medical staff, to paint the mural using their own supplies on off-duty hours. 

Silverio Escontrias, Presidio’s patrol agent in charge, was impressed. 

“The mural is a direct reflection of Presidio Stations Esprit de Corps and our agents’ dedication to border security,” he said.

Sean L. McGoffin, Big Bend Sector’s chief patrol agent, said he’s considering similar initiatives across the sector.

“I am grateful for the pride and initiative shown by Watch Commander Ellis and everyone that assisted with this project,” McGoffin said. “This initiative is a direct reflection of the professionalism and attention to detail that all our Big Bend Sector employees put into their duties on a daily basis. Going above and beyond the call of duty by utilizing their own resources and time truly embodies the U.S. Border Patrol’s motto of Honor First.”     

A new mural at the Presidio Border Patrol Station. Photo: CBP.

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