Border Patrol Agent Charged in Undercover Drug, Human-Smuggling Investigation 

By Steve Neavling

An undercover Homeland Security sting resulted in charges against a Border Patrol agent who is accused of moving what he believed was 23 pounds of methamphetamine and allowing an undocumented migrant into the country. 

Hector Hernandez, 55, who worked in the San Diego area, was charged with one count of attempted distribution of controlled substances and two counts of receiving a bribe as a public official, The San Diego Union-Tribune reports

Hernandez believed he was handing over the drugs in exchange for a $20,000 payment. He also agreed to open a gate along the U.S.-Mexico border fence to allow an undocumented migrant to pass through in return for $5,000, authorities allege. 

His contact, however, was an undercover agent from the Department of Homeland Security. 

The investigation was prompted by allegations from the DHS’s Office of Inspector General that he “was engaged in border corruption activities.”

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