Border Patrol Agents Accused of Showing Children How to Shoot Paintball Guns at Images of Illegal Immigrants

Steve Neavling

Disturbing images have surfaced showing Border Patrol staff teaching children to shoot paintball guns  at an effigy of an illegal immigrant, the San Diego Free Press reports.

“The target is dressed to resemble a migrant and is located within 100 feet from Virginia Avenue where actual persons have been killed by Border Patrol gunfire.” Pedro Ríos, chairman of the San Diego Immigrant Rights Consortium, said.

“While encouraging children to use guns to shoot at a migrant effigy is unconscionable, it is also symbolic of the agency’s unabashed culture of violence which has grown from a lack of accountability, oversight and unprofessional standards that rebuke best practices in situations involving use-of-force.”

The images come at a time when the Border Patrol has come under fire for its use-of-force policies.

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