Boston Mobster Says “Whitey” Bulger Was Jealous of Him Spending Time With Girlfriend

The mob drama continued to unfold in a Boston courtroom  like a classic Soprano TV episode. Some families are suing the government, saying it should have done something to stop some mobsters/FBI informants from killing.

The "Rifleman" Flemmi in 1965
The "Rifleman" Flemmi in 1965

By Shelley Murphy
Boston Globe
BOSTON — Notorious gangster Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi testified yesterday that when he started spending more time with his beautiful young girl- friend, his longtime sidekick and fellow FBI informant James “Whitey” Bulger grew jealous and soon started plotting to kill her.

“Bulger kind of resented the fact that I didn’t spend enough time with him and our business,” said the 75-year-old Flemmi, offering new insight into Bulger’s mind during a civil trial in US District Court.

Flemmi recalled that he began skipping some of Bulger’s secret meetings with the FBI so he could be with Debra Davis.

“He would contact me, and I wouldn’t respond,” said Flemmi, adding that he shut off his pager when he was home.

“I didn’t want to be bothered,” Flemmi said. “He was very upset about it.”

That anger turned deadly when Bulger discovered that Flemmi had told Davis about their relationship with the FBI, according to Flemmi.

“He wanted to kill her,” Flemmi said. “He wanted me to bring her down and set her up so he could kill her.”

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