Wounded Buffalo FBI Agent Shot By Colleague is Identified

The upside is the agent lived; the downside he was shot and by a fellow agent. Both painful and embarrassing to the FBI. Authorities say it was the result of an accidental gun discharge.

By Dan Herbeck and Lou Michel
BUFFALO — When 300 cops hit the streets of Buffalo early Thursday morning, they knew they were going after suspected members of a dangerous drug gang, some of whom could be armed and violent.

As it turned out, the most dangerous weapon was one accidentally fired by one of law enforcement’s own.

The accidental shooting of Peter Orchard, a decorated veteran FBI agent, marred a massive drug raid that was described by law enforcement officials as a strike against a “major group of dangerous drug traffickers.”

It was at least the third local incident since 2005 in which something went terribly wrong during a drug raid. In one of those previous raids a man was killed, and in the other a woman was severely burned.

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