Buffalo Parking Meter Mechanic Who Stole 800,000 quarters over 8 Years Will Spend 2 1/2 Years in Prison

Steve Neavling

James Bagarozzo spent eight years stealing quarters from parking meters in Buffalo.

By the time he was arrested in December 2011, authorities said he had stolen 800,000 quarters – or $200,000.

The parking meter mechanic was sentenced to 2 1/2 ears in prison Friday.

“When he went to work, half of his day was spent stealing from the city,” said Special Agent Rob Gross, who investigated the case out of our Buffalo Division.

So how did the 57-year-old exchange the quarters at a bank without raising red flags?

The FBI said he rolled the changed in coin wrappers and said his friend worked with a vending machine business.

“He developed such a good relationship with the bank tellers,” Gross said.

Here’s the press release

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