Burglar Recounts Reason She, Others Broke Into Philadelphia’s FBI Office in 1971

J. Edgar Hoover/fbi photo
By Bonnie Raines 
The Guardian

I vividly remember the eureka moment. It was the night we broke into an FBI office in Media, Pennsylvania, in March 1971 and removed about 1,000 documents from filing cabinets. We had a hunch that there would be incriminating material there, as the FBI under J Edgar Hoover was so bureaucratic that we thought every single thing that went on under him would be recorded. But we could not be sure, and until we found it, we were on tenterhooks. 

A shout went up among the group of eight of us. One of us had stumbled on a document from FBI headquarters signed by Hoover himself. It instructed the bureau’s agents to set up interviews of anti-war activists as “it will enhance the paranoia endemic in these circles and will further serve to get the point across there is an FBI agent behind every mailbox.”

That was the first piece of evidence to emerge. It was vindication.

Looking back on what we did, there are obvious parallels with what Edward Snowden has done releasing National Security Agency documents that show the NSA’s blanket surveillance of Americans.

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  1. http://tickerreport.com/press-releases/102733/fbi-agents-alleged-role-in-1971-media-penna-fbi-burglary/


    Jan 9th, 2014
    (1/9/2014) – Former FBI special agent Donald Wilson’s recently published book “evidence withheld” describes Wilson’s visit to the media, Penna. FBI office on March 8, 1971. This visit was within hours of the now infamous burglary, the results of which disclosed to the world a mountain of illegal activity engaged in by the FBI. At the time, Wilson, who was visiting his mother who lived in Morton, Penna., was a FBI special agent assigned to the Cincinnati field office.

    Wilson was enroute to a required training session at the FBI academy in Quantico, VA. When he took several vacation days to spend time with his mother in Morton, Penna. Wilson’s book “evidence withheld” describes in one of the chapters his visit to and conversation with one of the agents assigned to the media FBI office regarding the lack of security systems in the small FBI office.

    Wilson was given a tour of the office including the location of files containing FBI documents. After Wilson left the media office, unconfirmed rumors have Wilson making a phone call from a gas station in Morton, Penna., to Bill Davidon, who is alleged to have organized the burglary and advising Davidon that “everything is a go.” it is also rumored that Davidon vowed to Wilson that he would disclose to no one Wilson’s role in the break-in. There is also a rumor that Wilson’s only request was to be informed as to the identity of the FBI informant involved in the king assassination should that information be discovered.

    Wilson’s book “evidence withheld” deals with his role in the king assassination investigation and the withholding of evidence implicating the FBI in king’s assassination. Wilson was the subject of an investigation in 2000 by the U.S. Department of justice who concluded that Wilson’s account should be discounted as not credible. The evidence, in the form of hand written notes recovered by Wilson from the car of convicted assassin James Earl Ray, however, could not be eliminated by the U.S. Secret service laboratory as being authentic.

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