Calif. Atty. Convicted of Taking Bribes to Get Client to Lie to Grand Jury

By Allan Lengel

A California attorney thought he’d make some extra cash by getting his client to lie before a grand jury in Los Angeles in a visa fraud case. Now he won’t need that cash when he heads off to prison.

Alfred Nash Villalobos, 46, of South Lake Tahoe, Calif., was found guilty Wednesday in federal court in Los Angeles of taking $50,000 in bribes to get his client to lie to the grand jury and a federal prosecutor. The $50,000 was part more than $100,000 he was demanding from a Century City attorney, whose client was the the target of the grand jury, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said.

Authorities say the problem with the little scheme was that the Century City attorney Villalobos was shaking down had gone to the FBI and was recording the conversations.

For Villalobos, it was not such a clever plan after all.


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