Column: Congress Needs to Cut “Waste” Caused by Its Own “Duplicative” Oversight of Homeland Security

David Olive writes about the business of homeland security. He formerly served as Chief of Staff for then-U.S. Representative Asa Hutchinson (R-AR) and is the founder of Catalyst Partners, a government relations and public affairs firm in Washington.
David Olive
By David Olive
Security DeBrief

At a time when Congress is looking to cut federal spending, why won’t it eliminate the “waste” caused by its own dysfunctional DHS oversight? The apparent answer is that is it far easier to talk about reforming someone else than oneself.

What other conclusion can be drawn from the reaction to the just-released GAO report on costly, duplicative and questionable federal agencies and programs?

Republican budget hawks littered the traditional and social media with example after example of “waste” that could be eliminated by halting duplicative programs. Democrats were just as quick to point out that President Obama had identified many of these same programs as areas where savings could be found, even using the food safety regulations example the President mentioned in his State of the Union address.

What the Congressional bloviators seem to ignore is Congress’ own culpability in creating many of these duplicative programs.

The perfect place to address this issue, should they choose to look inside their own house first, is the mishmash of congressional committees that claim jurisdiction over DHS. It remains an area ripe for reform.

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