Column: Injured FBI Agent Still Hopes for Justice

FBI agent Theresa Foley was the first full-time female FBI agent to be stationed at Guantanamo. She has filed a lawsuit against the Justice Department, saying she was made to bunk with vermin that gave her a tropical disease. Theresa Foley has undergone multiple surgeries since contracting the disease and has been disabled and is living with her parents. She claims her disease was made worse when the FBI refused to let her stand and instead made her kneel in the traditional stance during firearms qualification.The lawsuit also says she was ostracized for refusing to join in a “spring break” atmosphere in which agents were encouraged to drink, date and frolic during off hours.

Her lawsuit alleges sexual discrimination and harassment, employment discrimination based on disability and gender and retaliation. Her mother Irene Foley says Director Robert S. Mueller was unresponsive to the family regarding her daughter’s problems.

Theresa Foley/family photo
By Peter Gelzinis
Boston Herald

BOSTON — All that FBI Special Agent Theresa Foley hopes for in this life can be summed up in one word: justice.

Justice for this 45-year-old Roslindale woman would be the ability to walk on her own once again, free of the pain left by two spinal fusions, six other major surgeries and the effective loss of her right leg.

It would mean living without a morphine drip, or those powerful oxycodone patches, or the help of her elderly parents.

But these days, Terry Foley’s notion of justice goes well beyond the physical devastation that has befallen a woman who once ran marathons and took great pride in becoming an FBI agent.

After seven years of living as an invalid, of watching her family petition members of Congress with letter after letter, Terry Foley has given up waiting for the FBI to offer her some expression of justice.

So, she is suing the Sons of Hoover to get some.

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