Allan Lengel


Allan Lengel, editor of, is  a veteran journalist who has covered law enforcement at major publications including the Washington Post and the Detroit News. He also served as an intern under the late investigative columnist Jack Anderson and was an adjunct journalism professor at the University of Maryland. 


America’s Disease It Won’t Cure

By Allan Lengel I was in Israel in November when two bombs went off at bus stops in Jerusalem, several miles from where I was renting an apartment for the month. Two people died and about 20 were injured. I happened to be in Haifa, about two hours away, when it happened. When I returned…

Here’s Why Chuckie O’Brien Deserves A Clearance Letter in Hoffa Murder

Chuckie O’Brien in Florida in 2018. (Family photo) By Allan Lengel It’s time for the feds to give Chuckie O’Brien a letter of clearance that says he’s no longer a suspect in Jimmy Hoffa’s murder. Why? Because the evidence is overwhelming. For nearly 45 years, a cloud has hung over O’Brien, Hoffa’s confidante, “surrogate…