Comey Says Jailing Trump Is ‘Obviously Doable’ 

Former FBI James Comey in previous testimony, via FBI.

By Steve Neavling

Former FBI Director James Comey made a case for sending Donald Trump to jail, saying it’s not as impractical as it seems. 

In an interview on MSNBC, host Jen Psaki asked if “it would be difficult or nearly impossible for the law enforcement institutions to put him in an actual jail?”

Comey answered, “No. It’s obviously doable.”

Comey, who was fired from the top FBI job by Trump, said high-profile convicts are often segregated. 

“They would just put him in a double wide — somewhere out near the fence, out in the grass. And he would eat there. He’d shower there, he’d exercise there, he’d be away … from general population,” he said.

Still, Comey said “it seems unlikely” that Trump would be jailed because he’s a first-time, nonviolent offender.

Then again, Trump’s behavior has been unusual, Comey said.  

“I’ve never seen a defendant beg for it more by attacking the judge, attacking the jury, attacking the witnesses.”

“One of the key things in assessing what sentence is appropriate … a judge looks at, ‘So, are you sorry for what you did’ or ’are you respecting the system?’” Comey said. “This defendant is running the other way.”

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