Ex-Hitman Testifies Against Former FBI Agent

ex-FBI agent Connolly/wbztv
ex-FBI agent Connolly/wbztv

Prosecutors continued to parade a cast of characters to the stand in the murder trial of ex-FBI agent John Connolly. Prosecutors have accused Connolly of acting like one of the members of the Whitey Bulger gang in Boston.

Miami Herald
MIAMI – John Martorano, 67 years old and jowly, crossed his hands and described his work, shrugging matter-of-factly.
”Richie started counting money. I went down, got a gun and came down and shot him,” Martorano said in court Wednesday, recalling his murder of a snitch named Richard Castucci.
Then, another killing. ”Pistol. Carbine. Machine gun. I think some [fake] beards and a car-stealing kit,” he said, describing a ”murder kit” he was sent before shooting millionaire Roger Wheeler between the eyes.
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