Credit Card Counterfeiter Busted by Feds in New York

By Danny Fenster

Agents with the FBI have arrested a group of individuals operating a fraud ring out of a luxury high-rise Brooklyn condo, reports the New York Post.

The alleged ringleader, Kwan Miller, used a European instant-messaging service to obtain stolen credit card numbers while chatting with contacts in Russia, according to the Post. Miller ran the operation from the BridgeView Tower, an opulent apartment building with a 24-hour concierge, a fitness room, indoor parking and free shuttle service to Manhattan.

More than a year ago an ID-theft probe began in which investigators intercepted e-mails sent by Miller containing more than 100 credit cards, according to the FBI. Miller had also bought a number of special printers which he used to emboss numbers and encoded information onto blank credit card plastic to create counterfeits, according to the FBI.

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