D.C. Federal Magistrate Judge’s Son Charged With Intent to Distribute Heroin

Some how getting charged with possession with intent to distribute heroin seems like a much bigger deal when your mother (pictured in photo) is a federal magistrate judge in Washington.

Judge Deborah Robinson/photo beverly rezneck

By Jeffrey Anderson
Baltimore City Paper
BALTIMORE — U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein filed a criminal complaint on Nov. 7 charging 21-year-old Morgan State University student Phillip Robinson Winkfield with possession with intent to distribute heroin.
Winkfield’s mother is Washington, D.C., federal magistrate Judge Deborah A. Robinson, whose 20-year career behind the bench has brought numerous luminaries before her as defendants, from drug lords and an NBA star to high-level White House officials and a former D.C. mayor (“Just Family,” Mobtown Beat, May 15).
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