DEA And Colombians Link Hezbollah To Cocaine Ring

Hezbollah flag
Hezbollah flag

Every organizations needs money to flourish. No one knows that better than the DEA and Colombian investigators who dug deep to find a drug connection between Colombia and Hezbollah, the powerful Lebanese-based militia.

By Chris Kraul and Sebastian Rotella
Los Angeles Times
(Reported from Bogota, Colombia and Madrid) — U.S. and Colombian investigators have dismantled an international cocaine smuggling and money laundering ring that allegedly used part of its profits to finance Hezbollah, the Lebanon-based Shiite militia, officials said Tuesday.
Culminating a two-year investigation, authorities arrested at least 36 suspects in recent days, including an accused Lebanese kingpin in Bogota, the Colombian capital. Chekry Harb, who used the alias “Taliban,” acted as the hub of an unusual and alarming alliance between South American cocaine traffickers and Middle Eastern militants, Colombian investigators allege.

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