DEA Busts Retired Chicago Cop for Allegedly Helping Violent Drug Organization

By Allan Lengel

The DEA has arrested a retired Chicago cop on charges he provided information and lied for a drug organization involved in murder, kidnapping, robbery and narcotics distribution, authorities announced Tuesday.

Authorities arrested Glenn Lewellen, a Chicago cop from 1986 to 2002, who allegedly provided information about ongoing federal investigations into the drug organization known as as the “Rodriguez Enterprise”, according to the indictment.

Rodriguez and the other five defendants previously charged were arrested in April 2009 when they allegedly conspired to steal hundreds of kilograms of purported cocaine from a warehouse in southwest suburban Channahon, authorities said.

In all, the superseding indictment charged Lewellen and nine others.

The feds arrested Lewellen, 54, of Las Vegas, in Las Vegas on Friday, authorities said.

He was charged with racketeering conspiracy and conspiracy to distribute cocaine, but  was not involved in two alleged murders involving other defendants, authorities said.

But he was charged with participating in a 2003 kidnapping and robbery of 100 kilograms of cocaine and cash, authorities said.

Authorities alleged that Lewellen obstructed justice to protect and conceal the Rodriguez Enterprise’s illegal activities, including testifying falsely in a federal criminal trial in December 1999.

Authorities said this past May, after learning of the false testimony, fed prosecutors got the judge to release a prisoner and vacate the charges.


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