DEA Goes After Mexican Cartel in U.S.; Arrests 1,985 in 20-Month Crackdown

Gun seized in Las Vegas as part of operation/dea photo
By Allan Lengel

The DEA on Thursday announced the arrests of 1,985 persons as part of a 20-month crackdown on the La Familia Michoacana Mexican drug cartel’s operations in the U.S.

DEA Administrator Michele M. Leonhart said authorities said the crackdown, known as “Project Delirium”, also seized $62 million in U.S. currency, plus approximately 2,773 pounds of methamphetamine, 2,722 kilograms of cocaine, 1,005 pounds of heroin, 14,818 pounds of marijuana and $3.8 million in other assets.

She said over 70 of the arrests took place yesterday and today, and over 200 have been arrested since June 1. Arrests were made all around the U.S.

“Project Delirium is the second successful, strategic and surgical strike to disrupt and destroy one of the most violent Mexican cartels, La Familia,” Leonhart said.

“Through their violent drug trafficking activities, including their hallmark of supplying most of the methamphetamine imported into the United States, La Familia is responsible for recklessly and violently destroying countless lives on both sides of the border. The strong joint efforts with our Mexican and U.S. law enforcement partners are crippling this brutal organization by capturing its leaders, strangling its distribution networks, and relentlessly pursuing its members and those who facilitate them.”

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