DEA Hails Capture of Mexican Drug Lord Who Boiled Body Parts in Lye

mexico3By Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — The DEA is hailing the latest capture of a major Mexican drug lord, who was known to boil the body parts of his rivals in lye.

Mexican authorities on Tuesday captured drug lord Teodor Eduardo Garcia Simental just south of the California border, the New York Times reported.

”This is a big-time arrest,” Rusty Payne, a spokesman for the Drug Enforcement Administration in Washington told the Times. ”We’re seeing a pattern here, a lot of high-profile captures.”

“Mr. Garcia, who went by the name ”El Teo,” did not necessarily look like someone accused of boiling his victims’ remains,” the Times reported. “The mug shot distributed by law enforcement officials showed him in a coat and tie, with chubby cheeks and a wisp of a mustache.”

On Wednesday, the DEA Acting Administrator Michele Leonhart issued a statement on the arrest:

“Today another Mexican cartel leader was taken off the street and is no longer able to carry out his bloody turf war. This arrest is one more demonstration of the growing capacity of the Government of Mexico to bring major drug traffickers to justice.

“This was not an isolated event: it exemplifies the growing effectiveness of our information sharing with the Calderon Administration, and our continued commitment to defeat the drug traffickers who have plagued both our nations.”

The Associated Press reported that American authorities had been helping to track El Teo  for five months. He was suspected of being behind dozens of murders of Mexican police.

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